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Interdental brush refill prime, size 08, 8 pcs.

₱ 555.00
CPS 08 prime, pink
CPS 08 prime, pink
CPS 08 prime, pink
CPS 08 prime, pink

Refill Packaging with 8 CPS 08 prime interdental brushes

Probably the finest ever interdental brushes. CPS prime brushes can clean in very narrow interdental spaces… helping to prevent gum inflammation and bad breath. Once a day is all it takes.

These are the finest little brushes on the market with unsurpassed durability. A CPS 08 prime is the middle size of the CPS-interdental brushes and fits into narrow spaces. The click system means that your personal, favourite holders can be used – to combat caries in the side teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis particularly easily and effectively. The quality of CPS prime makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out. Done.

  • Ultrafine bristles with umbrella effect
  • Patented surgical wire for the smallest interdental spaces
  • Long service life
  • Click system for all holders

Data sheet

Accessibility / Effectiveness
0.8 mm / 3.2 mm
ISO Brush Size 1
Bad breath
Bleeding gums
Clean teeth
Gum care
Gum inflammation
Sensitive teeth
Product variety
Multi Pack
Age group